19 Customer Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

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This post shares 19 customer marketing conferences worth attending in 2024. Some events are 100% dedicated to customer marketing. Others focus on different aspects of customer-led growth.

Regardless, as a customer marketer, these conferences offer many inspiring speakers to learn from, opportunities for networking, and experiences that will change the course of your career.

The top themes from these conferences are personalizing experience with customer data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Conference When Location
World Tour Sydney Feb. 28, 2024 Sydney, Australia
Customer Contact Week Feb. 28 – Mar. 1, 2024 / May. 13 – 15, 2024 / Jun. 3 – 6, 2024 / Jul. 16 – 19, 2024 Gold Coast, London, Las Vegas, Singapore
Customer Experience Conference Mar. 5, 2024 London, UK
Advocate Marketing Academy Europe Mar. 12, 2024 Maidenhead, UK
Customer Success Festival Mar. 20 & 21, 2024 / Sep. 4 & 5, 2024 / Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 2024 / Nov. 20 & 21, 2024 New York, San Francisco, Sydney, London
Adobe Summit Mar. 25 & 26 – 28, 2024 Las Vegas, US
Customer Marketing Summit Apr. 11, 2024 / Sep. 4 & 5, 2024 / Nov. 20, 2024 Boston, San Francisco, London
Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit Apr. 11 – 12, 2024 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CMX Sumit Apr. 25, 2024 Redwood City, US
X4: The Experience Management Summit May. 1 – 3, 2024 Salt Lake City, US
The Customer Show May. 7 – 8, 2024 / Sep. 18 – 19, 2024 Melbourne & Sydney
Chief Experience Officer Exchange May. 15 – 17, 2024 St. Louis, US
CX Summit May. 28, 2024 / Jun. 17 – 20, 2024 / Jun. 24 – 26, 2024 Sydney, Nashville & London
CXS 24 May. 29 – 30, 2024 Toronto, Canada
CS100 Summit Sep. 16 – 18, 2024 Salt Lake City, US
Customer Analytics Exchange Sep. 24 – 26, 2024 Los Angeles, US
CustomerXCon Oct. 21 – 23, 2024 Boston, US
CX Asia Week Nov. 19 – 22, 2024 Singapore

#1 World Tour

Location: Sydney, Australia

Price: Free

Date: Feb. 28

Website: World Tour Sydney

Speakers: Richard Lindmark (Aesop), Cam Clarkson (Employment Hero), Emma Stapleton (MECCA)

Salesforce’s World Tour Sydney is a free event that you can attend in person or online. This is excellent news, and it also means you can expect a lot of content directly related to the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Several breakout sessions are available to help you find topics relevant to customer marketing. Notably, this year, there’s a significant emphasis on AI and customer intelligence.

#2 Customer Contact Week

Location: Gold Coast, London, Las Vegas, Singapore

Prices: From (Gold Coast) AUD4,999 + GST; (London) £1,399 + VAT; (Las Vegas) USD1,499; (Singapore) SGD2,799 + GST 995

Dates: (Gold Coast) Feb. 28 – Mar. 1; (London) May. 13 – 15; (Las Vegas) Jun. 3 – 6; (Singapore) Jul. 16 – 19

Websites: Gold Coast, London, Las Vegas, Singapore

Speakers (dependent on location): Claudia Nicholls-Magielsen (Simplyhealth), Leon Ellerton (Experian), Cheryl China (Citizens Bank)

Customer Contact Week is a big operation, with conferences running annually and worldwide. The first event is on the Gold Coast of Australia with the theme of “connections that matter.” The next conference in London features British politician and former Olympic athlete Sebastian Coe. 

In Las Vegas, you can find focused tracks in retail, CX, banking, and financial services. Then there’s the 14th annual Asian event for a jam-packed 4-day conference in July. 

#3 Customer Experience Conference

Location: London, UK

Price: £599

Date: Mar. 5

Website: Customer Experience Conference

Speakers: Sachin Agrawal (Amazon), Elena Boisseuil (Nissan Motor Company), Mary Burnett (Bank of Ireland)

This one-day event in London is jam-packed with speakers, roundtables, and breakout sessions. It kicks off with a panel discussing customer expectations in 2024. Then, it covers 11 topics, including customer journey mapping, personalization, analytics, AI, loyalty, and retention.

#4 Advocate Marketing Academy Europe

Location: Maidenhead, UK

Price: £415

Dates: Mar. 12

Website: Advocate Marketing Academy Europe

Speakers: Cristina Errico (CISCO), Michael Johnson (Red Hat), Jeannine Boot (Qlik)

The Advocate Marketing Academy will be held at the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts and will feature speakers across Europe and the US. The agenda includes interactive workshops, networking sessions, and presentations by leaders in advocacy marketing. 

The event’s theme is “Art Meets Science,” exploring the balance between creativity and measurement in advocacy marketing.

#5 Customer Success Festival

Location: New York, San Francisco, Sydney, London

Prices: From (New York) USD995; (San Francisco) USD795; (Sydney) AUD 995; (London) £695

Dates: (New York) Mar. 20 & 21; (San Francisco) Sep. 4 & 5; (Sydney) Oct. 31 & Nov. 1; (London) Nov. 20 & 21

Websites: New York, San Francisco, Sydney, London

Speakers (dependent on location): Steve Clancy (TIME), Heidi Rhodes (Meta), Dutta Satadip (Salesforce)

The Customer Success Festival is available in 9 cities worldwide and features top leaders in customer-led roles. 

You’ll learn how to earn executive buy-in and strategies to increase customer retention. Additionally, you’ll learn how to structure your customer success team and use AI to improve customer experience. 

#6 Adobe Summit – Digital Experience Conference

Location: Las Vegas, US

Price: USD2,095

Dates: Mar. 25 & 26 – 28

Website: Adobe Summit

Speakers: Anil Chakravarthy (Adobe), Mary T. Barra (GM), Shaquille O’Neal (Entrepreneur)

The Adobe Summit is the highest-profile conference on this list. In 2024, it will feature basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal. 

The theme is digital experience; over 200 sessions are held across 12 content tracks. This includes customer journey management and, you guessed it, generative AI. The pre-conference is on the 24th, and the main event is from 25 to 26. You can attend in person or online. 

#7 Customer Marketing Summit

Location: Boston, San Francisco, London

Prices: (Boston) USD995; (San Francisco) USD795; (London) £595

Dates: (Boston) Apr. 11 & 12; (San Francisco) Sep. 4 & 5; (London) Nov. 20

Websites: Boston, San Francisco, London

Speakers (dependent on location): Dr. Tiffany Raymond (PayPal), Michael Valanzola (Dell Technologies), Bridget Heaton (Slack)

Customer Marketing Summit is part of The Alliance Professional Development Network. They’re the top education platform for companies like Google, Spotify, and Amazon. 

Even though the Customer Marketing Summit started in 2021, it’s well-backed, and the organizers have the experience to put on a valuable event. 


#8 Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: €2,199 + VAT

Dates: Apr. 11 – 12, 2024

Websites: Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit

Speakers: Jochem van Hove (Microsoft), Ciprian Cordun (Philips), Moritz Wolf (HP)

This two-day conference, with more than 40 speakers, provides significant value. Key topics for customer marketers include the role of emotion AI in understanding customer sentiment and the importance of CX leadership.


#9 CMX Summit

Location: Redwood City, US

Price: USD440

Date: Apr. 25

Websites: CMX Summit

Speakers: TBC

At the CMX Summit, you’ll find a fun and lively place to learn and meet new people. Industry leaders will give exciting talks and practical workshops to help you improve your community-building skills. 

You’ll also have many opportunities to meet other community professionals, start new partnerships, and find a mentor. 

#10 X4: The Experience Management Summit

Location: Salt Lake City, US

Price: From USD1,399

Date: May. 1 – 3, 2024

Website: X4 Summit

Speakers: TBC

The annual Qualtrics X4 Conference features 10 keynotes and over 100 sessions over three days. During the conference, you’ll learn how some of the largest brands drive growth through customer experience. 

With live music and a talk from NBA star Dwayne Wade and Olympic Champion Lindsey Vonn, you’ll leave feeling energized, inspired, and ready to action.

#11 The Customer Show

Location: Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

Prices: (Melbourne) AU1,499 + GST; (Syndey) TBC

Dates: (Melbourne) May. 7 – 8; (Sydney) Sep. 18 – 19

Websites: Melbourne, Sydney

Speakers: Mia Lloyd (Coles Group), Christina Cass (Bupa), Tina McCormack Beaty (SHRM)

The Customer Show claims to be the only event that unites the entire customer experience ecosystem. This two-day event is held in Melbourne and Sydney and features speakers and sponsors from all major players in Australia. 

A significant focus for 2024 is advancing personalization and AI while maintaining customer trust and security.

The Customer Show 2023

#12 Chief Experience Officer Exchange

Location: St. Louis, US

Price: Unknown

Date: May. 15 – 17

Websites: Chief Experience Officer Exchange

Speakers: Raj Sivasubramanian (Airbnb), Barry Fiske (Merkle), Julie Adam (Universal)

The CXO Exchange is an invitation-only event for today’s senior CX Leaders. Its purpose is to benchmark, connect, and identify solutions to critical business challenges. 

The agenda for this two-and-a-half-day event is loaded with keynotes, business meetings, and roundtables. Plus, you can enjoy delicious food from the luxurious Marriott St. Louis Grand.

#13 CX Summit

Location: Sydney, Nashville & London

Prices: From (Sydney) AU1,295; (Nashville) USD3,695; (London) £2,195

Dates: (Sydney) May. 28; (Nashville) Jun. 17 – 20; (London) Jun. 24 – 26

Websites: Sydney, Nashville, London

Speakers: Michelle Peluso (CVS Health), Cristina Barreca (Roche), Tarv Nijjar (McDonald’s)

Forrester is a leading consulting firm in CX. They commit to customer obsession, and their events reflect this dedication. The CX Summit, like many conferences on this list, focuses on the use of AI to enhance customer experience and loyalty. 

The summit features insights from knowledgeable individuals at Forrester and CX leaders from various other organizations.

#14 CXS 24

Location: Toronto, Canada

Price: From CAD1,295

Date: May. 29 – 30

Websites: CXS 24

Speakers: Matthew Cowling (Paramount), Leila Jalai (Under Armour), Julie Adam (Universal)

This is CXS’s 13th annual conference, and 2024 is shaping up to be the best yet. All the topics are relevant to what’s working today in customer experience. They include tips on “phygital,” democratizing data access across units and bridging the gap between customer experience, service, and success. 

The agenda makes time for breakout sessions and networking opportunities. CXS will also be streamed virtually. 

#15 CS100 Summit

Location: Salt Lake City, US

Price: USD1,299

Date: Sep. 16 – 18

Website: Eventbrite

Speakers: TBC

This is the 7th annual CS100 conference, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Bringing together the top minds in customer success set in a magical resort in Utah sets the tone for an event to remember. 

Expect thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables, and peer-to-peer connections. And after all, that, enjoy nature with outdoor activities.

#16 Customer Analytics Exchange

Location: Los Angeles, US

Price: Unknown

Date: Sep. 24 – 26

Website: Customer Analytics Exchange

Speakers: TBC

This invite-only event is all about using analytics to create better customer experiences. Whether you want to glean insights from unstructured customer feedback or use AI to develop analytical pathways, this conference has something for you. 

Last year’s event featured diverse speakers from Amazon to UNICEF to Proctor & Gamble. 

#17 CustomerXCon

Location: Boston, US

Prices: USD995

Dates: Oct. 21 – 23

Websites: CustomerXCon

Speakers: TBC

This is CustomerXCon’s 5th annual event. A collective of customer marketers organizes the agenda and speakers called CustomerX Pros. 

The conference is spread over three days, so you have plenty of time to network and develop valuable relationships. If you need some extra help convincing your boss, CustomerXCon has created an email template you can send.


#18 CX Asia Week

Location: Singapore

Prices: SGD2799 + Tax

Dates: Nov. 19 – 22

Websites: CX Asia Week

Speakers: TBC

CX Asia Week, held in Singapore, is Asia’s leading customer experience event. It also attracts attendees from the Middle East. This three-day conference is packed with valuable keynotes and workshops. Topics covered include real-time insights and, of course, AI. 2023 features speakers from DHL, Zendesk, and JLL. 

#19 Customer Engagement Summit

Location: London, UK

Price: TBC

Dates: Nov. 26

Website: Customer Engagement Summit

Speakers: TBC

This event features real-life case studies showing the latest innovations in customer-led growth. It’s hard to believe this conference packs over 100 presentations into a single day. 

Last year, it covered just about every topic related to customer success. It included data, culture, marketing, and breaking down silos in other departments. So, we can expect much of the same in 2024.

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