The Top 10 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2024

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Gifting is the 3rd most used marketing tactic in B2B, according to a report issued by Alyce by Sendoso, after content marketing and community. 

Source: Alyce by Sendoso

But for gifting to reflect on your ROI, you must get it right. You need to choose the right gift for the right person – and send it at the right time.

That’s where global gifting platforms come in. Designed to make the entire gift-giving process a smooth experience for you and the receiver, they also have the functionality that will help you track and report on your gifting efforts. 

From AI-powered gift selection to gifting bots, extensions, and endless lists of app integrations, corporate gifting platforms are expanding their options and simplifying the user experience.

This article includes solutions from small and large US, European, Singapore, and Australian SaaS providers, and includes a list of pros, cons, and pricing options. We also share which big brands are using them for their gifting and rewards programs.

#1 Postal 

Robust and versatile solution

Postal is a leading offline engagement and corporate gifting platform provider with a robust and versatile product offering. This makes it ideal for larger businesses and enterprises. Used by over 600 B2Bs, it boasts big-name customers like Cisco, Yelp, SAP and Seismic.

Providing an all-around solution for campaign engagement, account-based marketing, and branded company swag, Postal helps you create meaningful connections with your prospects, partners, customers, and employees. 

When it comes to gifting, Postal Marketplace has all possible options. It has 3,000+ global items and ready-to-ship gift boxes, gift cards, and personalized gifts. It also offers products from 300+ women-owned, minority-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and family-owned businesses. 

On top of that, there are also dozens of local and sustainably sourced products in the mix. If none of those hit the mark, gift recipients can choose to exchange the gift value to donate to charities or purchase event experiences in over 170 countries.


  • Shop from local retailers and dropship to recipient locations
  • Access multiple currencies and free in-platform currency transfer
  • Verify international addresses
  • Store custom projects or inventory in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia
  • Global support with 24 business hour response time
  • Delivery duty paid (DDP) shipping to 180+ countries 
  • Integrations with 20 leading apps, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Chrome, and Zapier
  • Reporting dashboard so you can track your ROI of direct mail, corporate gifting, and branded swag


  • US-focused, so there is a limited international gift catalog
  • Clunky filtering function for gifts


  • Pay as you go (only pay for the Postals you send + a 5% transaction fee)
  • Professional – $19 p/m billed yearly
  • Business – $39 p/m billed yearly
  • Enterprise – (custom)

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#2 Alyce by Sendoso

AI-powered personalization

Another leader in the corporate gifting platform space is Alyce by Sendoso. In February 2024, Sendoso acquired Alyce, the AI-powered B2B gifting platform that takes personalization to a new level.

Two things make Alyce stand out in the market: 

  1. 5to9 AI-enabled and human-assisted research capability to help you make the right gift choice based on your recipient’s social activities outside of work. Sparking an emotional connection increases your chances of conversion. 
  2. The ‘Power-of-Choice’ option lets your recipients exchange gifts or donate their value to charity. This feature eliminates the waste of unwanted gifts and also ensures your recipients get what they truly want and value.

With a G2 rating of 4.7 out of 5, Alyce is used and recommended by Lenovo, Fortinet, Salesoft, and Purestorage. The platform also covers the basics every other reputable gifting platform offers, such as customizable templates, personalized video messages, post-gift CTA, custom swag store, and decorated gift packaging.


  • MarketPlace offers 30,000 gift options, including physical items, experiences, subscriptions, gift cards, branded swag, and everything in between. You can also filter by trending items and interests.
  • Power-of-choice option lets your customers exchange gifts for something else or choose to donate the value to charity.
  • 100+ ready-to-go branded swag items you can ship as soon as the gift is accepted (no need for warehousing or mass production of branded goods)
  • International shipping worldwide with warehousing access in the US, UK, and EU
  • Support with export/customs expertise to scope/deliver solutions for gifts to arrive in the right place at the right time
  • Address verification upon gift acceptance
  • Reporting and campaign impact dashboards to help you track and view your ROI
  • Robust General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aligned with Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) and secure user experience with Single Sign-on (SSO).


  • There is no free trial option, and pricing plans seem to target mid- to large B2B. Smaller businesses wouldn’t be able to afford the platform.
  • Limited use case for HR teams as the platform targets marketing, sales, and customer loyalty teams.


  • Tiered pricing approach with the price provided by Alyce via demo request
  • Vendr claims the pricing for a company with 200 employees ranges between $18,000 – $31,800 

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#3 Prezzee Business

Simple platform to cover basic needs

From a two-person startup in 2014 to a global business of 200+ employees in 2024, Prezzee Business is a simple platform for bulk sends, instant delivery, and the option of co-branding with your logo.

Prezzee also helps acquire and retain customers. It rewards them for filling in surveys and reviews.

Used by top brands such as Microsoft, Atlassian, and Canva, Prezee offers online gift solutions with over 1,000 brand partners worldwide.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and with operations in the USA, UK, and New Zealand, Prezzee Business offers a global digital platform for online gifting. 


  • Prezzee API allows you to design and develop your own gift card marketplace
  • Personalize gifts by adding messages or a video
  • Add recipients individually or bulk upload from CSV
  • With Prezzee Campaign, you can track your budget in real-time, and you only pay for gifts your recipients activate 
  • Allows for multiple accounts with multiple users 


  • Gifting to the US, UK, Australia, and NZ is also limited to gift cards from major retailers
  • Prezzee started as a B2C provider. Its B2B corporate gifting platform solution seems to still be in the building stages. It has limited features and options when compared to other larger providers 


  • Prezzee Business is a free service with no account or registration fees
  • A flat rate of 1.15% for checking out with a credit card 
  • 50c SMS fee for SMS delivery (optional)

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#4 Smilie 

Gifting bot on WhatsApp

Launched in 2022, Smilie is a Singapore-based startup. Offering a user-friendly corporate gifting platform solution to help you streamline and track your gifting process. 

It comes with all the standard features you expect to find on a basic platform, from gift cards and custom corporate gifts with your branding to personalized messaging, gift selection, and the option to donate to a select group of charities.

Used by NEC, Antler, and Carta, Smilie’s point of difference is the gifting bot on WhatsApp that lets you generate a curated list of redeemable gifts.


  • Gifting on the go option with Smilie’s unique gifting bot on WhatsApp
  • Use it as a standalone platform or with API integrations to your existing databases
  • Gifting solutions focused on the Singapore region with international destination delivery possible
  • Reporting dashboard for recipients and campaigns with the capability to track ROI if integrated with your CRM
  • End-to-end gifting solution from selection to delivery
  • Only pay for gifts that the recipient claims
  • Automate and schedule gift delivery


  • Singapore-focused (international shipping is possible via a request to the support team) and English language option only
  • The website doesn’t clearly state or show what brands or types of items are included in their gift catalog


  • Sign-up is free, and Smilie provides the cost after a demo request

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#5 Huuray

Digital rewards for customers worldwide

Hurray is a Denmark-based fintech used by Deloitte, Ikea, Volvo, and Samsung. Focused on making digital rewards easy and accessible for customers globally, Huuray has offices in Norway, Germany, Canada, and Hong Kong.

You can use the Huuray corporate gifting platform as a free standalone system, customize it for your enterprise, or integrate it with various sales and marketing tools

What might place Huuray ahead of other contenders is its 24/7 ‘friendly’ support team, which guides you and your gift recipients ‘every step of the way.’ 


  • Open API, customizable API, and 100+  integrations
  • Gift catalog of 5000+ brands in over 170 countries
  • Rewards include 20,000+ physical goods, charity donations, cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards, subscriptions and experiences
  • Freedom-of-Choice Gift Cards with 80+ currencies
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Customizable email templates with logo and branding
  • Telephone, email & chat support 24/7


  • Limited language support (Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish)
  • Gift sending is limited to 103 countries, and digital gift card send options are limited to 170 countries.


  • Sign-up is free
  • Custom pricing for enterprise accounts via demo 
  • Discounts for accounts with year-on-year increases in rewards issued

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#6 Giftsenda

Grow relationships across borders

With a G2 rating of 4.7 out of 5 and two decades of experience in the international gifting arena, Giftsenda lets you build and grow relationships across borders.

Delivering gifts and rewards to over 200 countries, its international gifting platform interface is streamlined and simple, making the process of rewarding and gifting your prospects and customer base overseas easy.

From branded SWAG to luxury gift baskets, Giftsenda lets you select your items, budget, and theme online. They then source and deliver to your recipient’s location.

Offering integration with leading CRMs, you can send gifts quickly and easily. You can also use the analytics tools on the platform to track your campaign success and ROI.


  • Giftsenda API and integrations with several leading tech platforms
  • 10,000 items on the online gift catalog, as well as branded and personalized gifts
  • Mobile app options for Android and iPhone/iPad
  • 24-hour customer support for customers and gift recipients
  • Choose a dedicated gift expert to maximize engagement
  • Address collection upon gift acceptance 
  • Gift swap or donation to charity for the value of the gift
  • Personalized communication, including logo, branding, and handwritten notes
  • Save on international shipping and gift sourcing 
  • Tool to manage teams, spending limits, and budgets for campaigns
  • Giftsenda dashboard for campaign tracking and ROI


  • Limited customization options when it comes to meeting branding requirements
  • Relatively expensive plan, which might not make it the most affordable option for smaller businesses


  • Gift Campaign Package – Free (Project-Based Gifting)
  • Subscription – $333 monthly, billed annually (Year-Round Gifting)

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#7 Snappy

One-stop shop for gifting

With over 3,500 enterprise customers and being the trusted gifting partner to over 43% of Fortune 100 companies, Snappy’s G2 rating of 4.9 out of 5 is no surprise. As a global gifting platform, Snappy is a one-stop shop for choosing, sending, and tracking rewards and gifts.

Snappy integrations focus on employee rewards and HR systems. However, the platform is suitable for outbound marketing campaigns and can be integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, Medallia, and more. 

Snappy can also handle all your branded swag, including on-demand gifts to customers, bulk orders, and branded kits for marketing events.


  • Over 20,000 top brands and products in all categories, such as Apple, JBL, and YETI, as well as unique picks from minority-owned businesses, digital gifts, online courses, donations, and more
  • Recipients can choose to donate gifts to charity of choice
  • Automate gifting through 5,000+ apps via Zapier
  • Automate sends for customer birthdays and anniversaries
  • Send physical and digital gifts to 200 countries
  • Personalized messaging to the recipient via video and interactive gift unwrapping experience, such as a scratch, a claw machine, or a 3D snowman (Elevated plan) and custom animations from Snappy’s creative studio (Enterprise plan) 
  • A dedicated onboarding team to help you grow your gifting program (Enterprise plan only)
  • Live chat customer support and help center


  • The cumbersome process to upload employee data, especially for team members without a company email or phone number
  • US-focused and limited product offerings (Snappy Picks and Digital only) for international gifting 


  • Essential – Free (teams and small businesses)
  • Elevated – $999 (larger organizations, departments, or multiple teams)
  • Enterprise – custom quote (large enterprises and gifting programs)

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#8 Zest

A smooth gift-giving experience

Zest promises to make your B2B gift-giving experience ‘as smooth and stress-free’ as shopping for yourself. Microsoft, Meta, Google, and Pinterest use the platform, which is ideal for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), customer appreciation, and sales prospecting. 

The team at Zest helps you with your strategic gifting campaigns so you get maximum impact. Their smart dashboard reporting will also show you which gifts are hitting the spot and identify the ones that aren’t.

When it comes to integration, Zest is working on launching a browser extension that will work with your CRM, SEP, or CS platform. 


  • Marketplace of gifts with a filter option by price and category, gift cards, and on-demand branded swag items
  • Storage and shipping for swag
  • Gift concierge to create a bespoke experience that aligns with your brand values
  • Reporting dashboard to track your campaigns and ROI
  • 60-second gift send process


  • Limited gift catalog, no international shipping option (US only) and only available in English
  • Web only, no mobile app option for Android or iPhone/iPad


  • $0 platform fees (no contracts)

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#9 Gift&Go

i-Gaming Rewards

Powered by Amazon Prime, Gift&Go is an award-winning, on-demand gift technology platform. Trusted by Apple and Uber, the gifting platform provides tech solutions for acquisition and retention through incentives, rewards, promotions, loyalty programs, and more.

Used by dozens of leading gaming companies, a key focus industry for Gift&Go is iGaming. 

A limiting factor of the platform is the gift catalog, which is restricted to Amazon Business products. However, the plus side is that Amazon takes care of all your shipping and storage.  


  • Custom API integration
  • Amazon Business gift catalog and Amazon Prime shipping benefits
  • Easy-to-use Theme Builder with industry-specific templates to create tailored campaigns
  • Detailed reporting and campaign tracking to identify prospects’ choices and increase your chance of conversions


  • While it positions itself as a solution for acquisition and retention teams, it seems to be heavily focused on gaming industry rewards
  • Extremely limited gift category (Amazon Business only) 


  • 30-day free trial application – eligibility criteria dependent on your company size and industry

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#10 VEX Rewards

Customizable tool for instant gifting

With VEX Rewards cloud-based platform, you can access a customizable tool for customer service and instant gifting. You can select and modify user settings such as manager approvals and the range and type of retail vouchers to choose from. It features single gifting to individuals or multiple distributions to larger groups instantly with branding and messaging.  

It works with over 150 major retailers across the UK and Europe and provides a range of gift vouchers, gift cards, e-gifts, and confectionery products. 

Owned and operated by a renowned UK-based company, the VEX Rewards platform is used worldwide in 15 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.


  • Multiple language & currency options to accommodate customer payment systems and meet local requirements
  • Security and protection features make sure your data is safe and usage is controlled and monitored.
  • Reporting and audit tool for an overview of what was gifted, to whom, when, and why


  • Support is available Monday-Friday business hours only, which is limiting for customers and can be frustrating
  • Limited information about the product on the website with a bank-like feel and tone to the product offering


  • Available on request

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