Top 15 Customer Marketing Influencers to Follow for Tips that Work

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Since we started reviewflowz, we picked up on a few communities and influencers who consistently put out excellent content to help us bring best practices to our customers.

This is our (opinionated) list of the top customer marketers to follow if you want to get the good stuff from the source.

Most of them are customer marketing practitioners with considerable experience, who either document their results, or voluntarily share tips and advice in private communities like Mary’s CMA Weekly or Scott’s CLG Campus, or both.

If you’re hoping to step up your customer marketing, start following these people and join the communities we mention here, you’ll gain years of trial & error. And share this post with your team so that they do the same.

#1 Scott K. Wilder

Head of Digital Success and Self-Serve, Clari

Scott K. Wilder, the Head of Digital Success and Self-Serve at Clari, is a standout figure in customer marketing. His resume is impressive. He has worked with HubSpot, Marketo, Adobe, Intuit, and Google. Recognized as a Top25CMA Influencer, his expertise spans customer engagement and growth marketing.

Oh, and he’s also a Dean at CLG Campus.

Scott transformed Marketo’s customer base into 60,000 evangelists. And at HubSpot, he doubled the community size and tripled engagement and activation.

Where to follow Scott: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Elevating Your Customer Marketing Program

#2 Mary Green

Founder of CMAweekly

Mary Green is the mastermind behind CMAweekly—the most active customer marketing and advocacy community with almost 800 members.

Her journey from running a social media agency to shaping the customer marketing world is inspiring. Mary’s expertise comes from her diverse experiences at HubSpot, Forbes, Outreach, and Demandbase.

Mary is adept at creating customer programs that scale and build genuine connections. Her programs transcend the typical confines of advocacy.

Balancing her roles as a community manager and a parent to a bustling household (she’s a mother of 4), Mary brings a blend of empathy and strategy to her work.

Where to follow Mary: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Minimize Risk When Scaling Advocacy Program

#3 Emily Amos

Founder of Uplift Content

Emily Amos is the CEO and founder of the marketing agency Uplift Content, which specializes in high-growth B2B SaaS companies like ClickUp, WalkMe, and LeanData. Uplift Content excels at humanizing technology.

Emily is known for infusing her innovative approach to content marketing with her childhood fascination with captivating stories.

Uplift Content also features articles interviewing customer marketers (like Mary Green above) for helpful tips to improve your programs. When you sign up for the newsletter, you can choose to receive stories about case studies and customer marketing. 

Where to follow Emily: LinkedIn 

Notable interview: The Fastest Way To Build Trust and Get More B2B Sales

#4 Joe Kevens

Founder of B2B SaaS Reviews

Joe Kevens, the Director of Demand Generation at PartnerStack, is a force in the B2B SaaS world. He’s also the founder of B2B SaaS Reviews, a publication for customer marketers.

Joe’s journey began at Eloqua, where he learned the value of third-party information in influencing software buyers. His experience at Influitive further cemented his belief in peer trust over traditional marketing.

Rated #1 in partner management by G2, PartnerStack’s success under Joe’s direction is a testament to his deep understanding of the B2B buying process, customer marketing, and demand generation.

Where to follow Joe: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Leveraging Social Proof on Your Website to Enhance Conversions

#5 Alexie Glover

Customer Marketing Consultant

Alexie Glover stands out in the customer marketing and advocacy landscape. Awarded as a 2023 Top100 in CMA and a 2023 Influitive Fearless Finalist, her expertise is legit.

Alexie excels in elevating customer marketing and advocacy operations for a diverse range of clients. She does this through her consultancy, Frank Advocacy. Specifically, she’s a master at team-building, collaboration, and amplifying customer voices.

Alexie is also very active in the CMAweekly Slack Community.

Where to follow Alexie: LinkedIn

#6 Alison Bukowski

Vice President of Customer Experience at ReferenceEdge

Alison Bukowski, the current Vice President of Customer Experience at ReferenceEdge, is influential in marketing and customer success. With over 20 years of professional experience, she has transformed how businesses approach customer-led growth.

In her previous role as Head of Marketing at PeerSpot, Alison generated over $3M in marketing-influenced revenue. She achieved an impressive 500% annual increase and 373% ROI from customer events.

As an award-winning marketer and speaker, Alison’s reach goes beyond her organizational role. She’s a Top25 CMA Influencer and Top100 CMA Strategist, sharing her insights at forums like Customer XCon and on various podcasts.

Outside work, Alison is a devoted mother passionate about baking, cooking, and outdoor activities. Her values of empathy, curiosity, and integrity are evident in both her professional and personal life.

Where to follow Alison: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Securing Buy-In For Your Initiatives And What Questions To Ask During Job Interviews

#7 Kevin Lau

Sr. Director of Global Customer Engagement at F5

Kevin Lau, the Senior Director of Global Customer Engagement at F5, is an expert in customer marketing and digital strategy. With over 13 years of experience, he’s recognized as a thought leader in the industry. He’s an expert in customer lifecycle, advocate marketing, social media, event marketing, and data-driven strategies.

Kevin has received notable industry awards, including Fearless 50 (2023), Exceptional Advocacy Practice (2022), and was a finalist for Advocacy Impact (2022).

Kevin is active on LinkedIn, where he hosts live webinars and appears on podcasts about customer marketing. He’s also a contributor to the CMAweekly community. See a trend here?

Where to follow Kevin: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Build Vibrant Customer Communities in B2B

#8 Megan Heuer

Founder of Heuer B2B

Megan Heuer, the founder of Heuer B2B, is dedicated to helping businesses acquire and retain customers. She has over two decades of experience in the B2B sector. Her mission is to generate measurable results through emotionally intelligent leadership.

Previously, Megan led the Research and Advisory team at SiriusDecisions. She guided companies toward innovative, data-driven strategies.

Megan’s content is filled with practical advice and innovative strategies for customer marketers. She seamlessly integrates marketing with sales and customer success.

Where to follow Megan: LinkedIn

Notable interview: 5 Pro Tips on How Marketing Contributes to Customer Retention

#9 Irwin Hipsman

Customer Marketing Director at Forrester

Irwin Hipsman, Director at Forrester, is a leading figure in Customer Marketing. He has over a decade of experience in the SaaS and research sectors. He excels at formulating and executing cross-sell and upsell programs essential for the success of the customer support team.

His knack for team building has nurtured talent who have advanced to lead companies like Drift, LinkedIn, and ServiceNow.

Irwin is recognized as a Top 100 CMA Influencer. His expertise goes beyond advocacy to embrace demand generation in customer marketing.

At Forrester’s B2B Summit North America, he showed his dedication to improving customer marketing practices by involving marketers in the post-sales journey.

Where to follow Irwin: Linkedin 

Notable interview: Takeaways From Forrester’s B2B Summit and Expanding Your Customer Marketing Skillset

#10 Nick Bennett

Co-Founder of TACK

Nick Bennet is the co-founder of TACK and former Director of Evangelism and Customer Marketing at Alyce.

His impressive 35+ million content views demonstrate his deep understanding of modern marketing dynamics. His ongoing book project about the Creator Economy in B2B also shows this understanding.

Nick’s strategic advocacy and engagement approach at Alyce showcases his customer marketing expertise. He advises various B2B SaaS companies, sharing his innovative insights on customer marketing strategies.

Nick’s viral LinkedIn post on review generation highlights his ability to use customer feedback for business growth. He combines creativity and practical wisdom in customer marketing. This establishes him as a valuable resource for those seeking to boost their brand’s impact in the B2B SaaS sector.

Where to follow Nick: LinkedIn 

Notable interview: Revisiting Your In-Person Event Strategy

#11 Casey Hill

Senior Growth Manager at ActiveCampaign

Casey Hill is a driving force in customer-led marketing and organic growth. He works with ActiveCampaign to uncover new channels and showcase the platform’s transformative abilities. He uses one of the largest firsthand data pools in the software industry.

Casey has over ten years of experience scaling software companies. He excels at devising innovative growth strategies, as shown by his success in getting millions of views on Quora and LinkedIn.

Casey is a trusted consultant for leading firms like McKinsey and Blackrock. He provides expert advice in SaaS marketing and CRM tool differentiation.

His goal at ActiveCampaign is ambitious. He aims to guide the company towards a staggering $1 billion in ARR through customer-focused organic growth strategies. 

Casey is also very active on social media, posting almost daily. 

Where to follow Casey: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Organic Growth and Omni-Channel Efficiency at ActiveCampaign

#12 Jeanne Talbot

Head of Customer Marketing at Motive

Jeanne Talbot is the Head of Customer Marketing at Motive. She’s a visionary leader who elevates the brand through compelling customer stories.

Her role at Motive focuses on establishing a top-tier customer marketing discipline. This is crucial for the company’s growth and for enhancing customer value.

Jean played a critical role in launching Motive’s first customer advisory board. She implemented a reference management system. She ensured that Motive’s 125,000 customers, from front-line workers to CEOs, were the protagonists of the brand’s narrative.

Jeanne was also recognized as a Top 100 Customer Marketing Strategist in 2023 and 2022. 

Where to follow Jeanne: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Collaborate with PR Teams for Case Studies

#13 Luis González

Head of Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

Luis González, the Head of Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx, is a leading figure in customer advocacy, recognized as a Top 25 CMA Influencer.

His journey began in 2018 at SiriusDecisions. There, he realized the untapped potential of customer advocacy. He launched a successful pilot program. Luis’s approach blends B2B and B2C marketing, focusing on humanizing the customer experience.

At Alteryx, Luis leads with his “triple B approach.” He focuses on building brand love, bringing benefits to the company and customers, and aligning with business goals.

For aspiring customer marketers, Luis advises a focus on understanding the “why” behind advocacy programs, aligning with organizational goals, and building genuine relationships with customers.

Where to follow: LinkedIn

Notable interview: CustomerX Speaker Series: Alteryx’s Luis González

#14 David Spinks

Community Manager and the Founder of

David Spinks is a recognized authority in community building—sharing his expertise across many platforms.

He writes a weekly newsletter with over 5,000 subscribers. It explores community theory and practical frameworks for both community-building and business.

Additionally, David operates a job board and talent collective. He assists companies in recruiting skilled community professionals.

As the author of “The Business of Belonging,” a crucial resource for community builders, David co-founded CMX. This platform, now home to over 20,000 community professionals, was later purchased by Bevy. 

His podcast, “Masters of Community,” hosts interviews with top-tier community builders. It has produced 93 episodes.

Where to follow David: LinkedIn

Notable interview: From Getting Fired to Becoming a Global Community Builder

#15 Evan Jacobs

Director of Customer & Partner Marketing at Chainanalysis Inc.

Evan Jacobs is a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in Customer Marketing, especially in the B2B SaaS sector.

He currently works at Chainalysis, a leading blockchain data platform. He manages Customer and Partner Marketing on a global scale.

Evan has held significant roles at Catchpoint, Akamai, and Rapid7, where he built critical programs from the ground up.

His contributions to the industry have earned him prestigious awards, such as the 2023 CAP Award. He has also been recognized as one of the Top 100 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Influencers.

Evan regularly speaks at major events like the Base Obsession Summit and Influitive’s AdvoCamp. He co-founded CAMP Boston and co-hosted a podcast.

Where to follow: LinkedIn

Notable interview: Creating an Unmatched B2B Marketing Message

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